Adobe Launch Debugging And Analysis Tools(Updating)

Debugging Tools

When we set up on Adobe Launch, we need to debug to see if our settings are correct.


There are many debugging tools on the market, the most commonly used are as follows:


  1. Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger (Official development, Old)
  2. Adobe Experience Platform Debugger (Official development, Newest)
  3. Browser Developer Tools——Console Tab
  4. Browser Developer Tools——Network Tab
  5. Launch Switch (Search Discovery development)
  6. Tagtician
  7. Omnibug
  8. Debugger for Adobe Analytics
  9. ObservePoint’s TagDebugger
  10. Adobe Launch Viewer 
  11. Launch Library Parser 


Among them, Adobe Experience Platform Debugger is an official debugging tool, and the others are developed and provided by third-party developers.

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